Saturday, August 11, 2012

Here I am again....FB has been holding me captive

That's my excuse for not blogging and I am sticking to it! As I walk away from FB I am trying to blog once again. If I'm not successful this time, I'm deleting the whole thing. Funny, the last thing I posted here is from a blog that's still one of my favorite. A Bowl Full of Lemons is graat for simple organization and has helped me since I first saw it January 2011. As Matthew has grown and his interests have changed it's been easier to purge the toys, and school uniforms have cut his clothes in half. Small changes that have made life more manageable in our home. We are realizing under the piles of toys now, there is carpet to replace, walls to paint and scratches all around the painted kitchen cabinets where his wooden stool helped him stir cake batter, make cookies, and slice and pour. I guess it's just normal to move on to repairs after a season of a young child exploring and learning new things in our home. So, if you follow my blog n ow, you will get to see me transform our lives and home, find new recipes, return to work full time with an active boy, and you can even follow my weight loss challenge, which I am actually doing prettty good with right now:) I promise to try to stay away from politics...that is what is making me say goodbye to regular visits on FB.

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